Benefits of prototyping without assets

If you are a programmer like me There are a couple of benefits of prototyping without assets. The biggest ones are Time and Money.

Saving Time

It takes time to design and draw all the assets for a game.

If you are working alone then the more important thing is to get a working prototype so you can pitch your idea to the world with out the assets. If the game is fun to play then it will be a hit.

If you are buying the assets from the Asset store or from other artist then you should make sure they are all at the same scale and in the same art style that fits or game. It takes time to convert assets to the same scale and art style if they are coming from multiple places.

If you are working on a team or have an artist working with you there is no reason that you can’t start on prototyping the game while the art assets are being designed. As you can see from my earlier post its not that hard to add the assets into the game later as the artist finishes them. The only reason that I added the assets when I did is because I was prototyping in 3D for a 2D game, I needed to get the game converted over to 2D, before I got to many more features added and since I had the assets I might as well go ahead and add them to the project while I was changing over to 2D. Plus my game is a complete working prototype, yes I know there are plenty of other features that could be added. Also working on a team there is the time crunch factor. You as the programmer shouldn’t be sitting around Ideally waiting for the Artist to get finished.

The sooner you get the prototype working the sooner you can have it play tested. Play testing is important when it comes to finding the bugs in a game. If there is a bug in your code or fundamental game mechanics it will be found when play testing.

Saving Money

If you are not an artist then the assets will more then likely cost money. You know the saying you get what you pay for. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of talented artist out there and you can find some high quality assets for free or cheaply. You may have to hunt for them.

If you are working with a team your time is money for the team. There is no reason that you can’t prototype while the artist are makeing the assets for the game.


There is no reason to wait on assets to start prototyping your game. Using the default assets in Unity whether you are doing a 2D game and using the Default sprites as place holder for the assets or you are doing a 3D game and using the default primitives or pro builder which comes with unity now as a place holder for your assets. You can quickly get a working prototype up and running.



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