Bring your Game to AAA status through Post Processing in Unity

Once you get the Post Processing Stack installed and Set up in your Game it is Time To add the effects.

Since My Game will only have one post processing volume I am going to set it to Global. You can have a game with a Global volume and a separate volume that happens when say the character enters a Cave.

Bloom Effect

One of the biggest effects that you can add to your game that you be immediately noticeable is the Bloom Effect. It takes the emission data from the materials and enhances them.


Changing this causes the sprites to be brighter.


Set the Level of gama-space brightness to filter out.

Finale Look after changing several of the other Settings

Color Grading

The Color Grading effect alters or corrects the color and luminance of the final image that Unity produces.

In order to use High Definition Mode you need to change the color space of the game to linear.

Color Grading off and on.



You can turn your game from bland to AAA status by adding different effects. I just a programmer and I was able to get some good looking effects. You give the Post Processing Effects to an artist just imagine the look of the game.

Bloom, Color Grading, Motion Blur, and Grain

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