Creating Managers Part 2

The Audio and UI Managers

Audio Manager


I created The Audio Manager as a Singleton. It needs an Audio Source to play Voice Overs and an Audio Source to play the back ground music. I also include a default clip to use for the music to play in the background. I created a Method to play the voice over as a one shot. I then create a Method that plays the back ground music looping. Before playing the Background music I make sure that there is no other music already playing.

I then assign the need values in the Inspector.

Using The Audio Manager

The First Place that I want to use the Audio Manager is in the cutscene game event listener. I want to be able to assign music that will play in the background when cut scenes play. For example the Start cut scene has a different background music to play. Once the cutscene is complete make sure that the default background music is played.

The only One that I do not have different background music to play is the sleeping guard cutscene. I assigned all the rest of them values. By leaving the Sleeping Guards Empty it will play the default music.

The Other place that I want to use this is for the voice over triggers. Currently The triggers trigger a game event. On the Dialogue Audio Source Object I have a Unity Event Listener that Plays the Audio Clip. I am going to remove all of the Unity Event Listeners here and create a Voice Over Trigger to use.

The Voice Over Trigger I do similar to the Game Event Trigger. Instead of triggering a Game Event I Use the Audio Manager to Play the Voice Over Clip.

I add the Voice Over Trigger to the Voice Over Triggers in the Scene. I then Assign the Audio Clips to Play.

UI Manager


Just like the Game Manager and Audio Manager I created an Empty Game Object with The UI Manager Component.

I created a Singleton Behavior, Do not forget the Disallow Multiple Component

I created a method to Restart the level. Using the Screen Manager to Load the Current Active Screen. I Created A Method to quit the Application. Application.Quite Does not work in the Editor or for Web GL Builds, for the Editor I Used The Editor Is Playing, and for the Web GL Build I Opened my website.

I then used the Restart and Quit Methods of the UI Manager for the Restart and Quit Buttons in my cut scenes.

The UI Buttons Now Work.




Excited about changing my hobby into a new carer with GameDevHQ course.

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James Lafritz

James Lafritz

Excited about changing my hobby into a new carer with GameDevHQ course.

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