Project Setup Using Git Template, Unity Mobile2D Template, Git Hub for Unity, and Ensuring project is ready for Android Development.

James Lafritz
4 min readJun 30, 2021


Creating Git Hub Repository

Using my Git Repository Template Creating a Git Hub Template I created a new repository.

Creating a new Unity Project

In Unity Hub I created a new Unity Project. Using the Mobile 2D Template.

Project Templates in Unity provides me with project settings that are optimized for the type of project that I am working on. I can always change any of these settings at a latter time. Since I am developing this game for mobile I will be using the Mobile 2D Template.

If you want a cheat sheet of what the different setting are with the different project templates someone over at was kind enough to do the work and share with the world.

Once My Project Loaded I Opened the Package Manager and Installed My Core Frame Work package.

I also Installed Cinemachine as I use this in ever project, A complete Camera system and I also like make use of the Smooth Path.

Linking the 2 together

I also installed GitHub for Unity

Opening the Git Hub for Unity window.

I use GIT Bash to initialize the repository. This insures that I have everything set up properly to use GIT from my repository.

I do like the GUI for displaying things in my repository. It also makes switching/creating branches a little easier.

The Real Power of the asset is tracking the changes made in your project as well as the adding files and committing things. When using the command line if I make a bunch of changes and then commit them if they are unrelated, I have to add the files by name and commit. With the asset in Unity it displays a nice Icon telling me that things are new or need changed and I can also easily select individual files for making the commit. Plus it is nice to not have to constantly switch back and fourth between programs.

509 Files separated into 2 commits is a breeze

Android Ready

I already started my project as a Mobile 2D project. Next I need to switch over to build for Android. File->Build Settings select Android and switch platforms.

Next I switch my Game View over to use 16:9 Landscape aspect ratio.

The Last thing I need is to make sure I am using landscape mode on the device when I build. File->Build Setting->Player Settings->Resolution and Presentation->Default Orientation->Landscape Left (or Right).



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