Game Assets via Filebase

Finding Assets to be used in your Unity Project

GameDevHQ has an app Called Filebase that can be used in Unity

You can get it from

After Installing Filebase Package, Assets->Import Package->Custom Package I then navigate to where I saved the Unity Package for Filebase and select it.

Go to the Filebase->Open

Find an asset that I want to use. I select it and select download.

I then select Import.

I then Drag It into the Hierarchy. Since I want to use this as my player I put it in the Player. I turned the Capsule that I was using as the Player off.

I am using the URP in my project and the assets that Filebase provided are use the built-in render pipeline. To fix this I select the materials and Edit->Render Pipeline->Universal Pipeline->Upgrade Selected Materials to Universal RP

This should fix the Materials. Except for the hair Material. That uses a special Material that does not automatically change over.

A search for Genesis Hair Shader for URP did not return any good results. So what I did was change the shader to a URP Lit Shader. The other options is to by a hair shader on the Asset Store or create your own Shader. I also had to set the Base Map property with the Diffuse property.

The process of using any Other Assets in your game is the same. Download the, Asset, Import it into the Project. You may have to convert things over to use them in your project.




Excited about changing my hobby into a new carer with GameDevHQ course.

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James Lafritz

James Lafritz

Excited about changing my hobby into a new carer with GameDevHQ course.

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