Game Over: Cutscene

How to use a Dolly Track in Unity

I have my cut scene blocked and mostly composed. The only portion of the scene left to compose is shot 1 the camera tracks around security guard. To do this I will be using a Dolly Track which is provided by Cinemachine

I add an Empty GameObject to the scene and then add a CinemachinePath Component to it. I could use a CinemachineSmothPath, the only difference is how the path is edited. I did this manually as I already have a Virtual Camera in the scene.

Align the view with the camera view.

Set the path to the scene view position.

Set the Virtual Camera to use the track dolly.

Now this causes the camera to not looking in the correct direction. To fix this I have to tell the Virtual Camera that I want to use the Composer for the Aim. I also Have to assign a target for the camera to look at.

Move the scene to a position to start the camera on.

I then set the position for the dolly to the screen view. I set the Y position to the same for both points.

I got the first way point where I wanted it and then adjusted the tangent to get the track to curve in the direction I wanted.

Now as I adjust the path position on the Virtual Camera from 0 (the first way point) to 1 (the last way point, this will be the total way points - 1) the camera will move along the track.

I create an animation track of this in my timeline and animate it.

Alternate Way

Add a Cinemachine Dolly Camera with Track.

If you already have a Virtual Camera in the scene that you want to use then delete the newly created Virtual Camera and set up your track. This created a Dolly Track that has CinemachineSmoothPath Component. Note that this Component does not have a tangent that you can use to create the curve. You can create the curve by adding more positions.

Animating this on the timeline is done in the same manor.

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