The Power of Light Probes in Unity

Allowing your baked light map effect dynamic objects in the scene.

With and Without Light Probes

I have a scene that has one light source, a bunch of static objects that have an emisive materials and indirect global illumination backed into the scene backing the lights saves on performance. I want these lights to effect the dynamic objects in my scene. Light Probes to the rescue.

Light Probes have two main uses:

The primary use of light probes is to provide high quality lighting (including indirect bounced light) on moving objects in your scene.

The secondary use of light probes is to provide the lighting information for static scenery when that scenery is using Unity’s LOD system.

In order to use Light Probes you have to have a Game Object in your scene with a Light Probe Group.

To place the Light Probes Click on the Edit Light Probes select the ones that are there and move them around in the scene. You can duplicate the selected probes and position them where you would like.

For more detailed explanation about proper placement refer to Light Probe Group and Light Probe Moving Objects.

To optimise the amount of data that Light Probes store, and the amount of computation done while the game is playing, you should generally attempt to place as few Light Probes as possible. However, you should also place enough Light Probes so that changes in light from one space to another are recorded at a level that is acceptable to you. This means you might place Light Probes in a more condensed pattern around areas that have complex or highly contrasting light, and you might place them in a much more spread out pattern over areas where the light does not significantly change.

Completed Scene with Probes Placed

Light Probes dramatically changes the way the light in the scene looks.

No Light Probes
Light Probes

When Loading and Unloading a scene asynchronously Unity does not automatically Update the Light Probe Calculations. Consider loading a single scene or Update the Light Probes manually once the Async loading is finished. See Light Probes and Scene loading.

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