Using Materials in Unity

Creating Transparent Window Effect in Unity

Going from Solid to Transparent

First step is to create a Material that I can use for the glass and assign it to the GameObject.

Next I use the Standard Shader setting the Rendering Mode to Transparent. How transparent this material is depends on the alpha channel of the Albedo texture and the tint color.

I use the Albedo tint color to get the look that I am going for. I changed the alpha value to 47, and change the color to black. notice that I can get some interesting effects by using different colors. A white color gives me a more frosted look.

Glass reflects light and you can things that are in front of the glass like a mirror.To get this effect I have to adjust the Smoothness. The higher the smoothness the more of the environment the object will reflect.

Now I have a window in my scene.



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